Fix vShare not Working Here

vShare not working

If you are experiencing, Unfortunately, vShare has stopped working and the app stops working temporarily here is how to fix it.

When you are experiencing vShare not working on Android you can fix it following the approaches we’d share below.

Although, the vShare app market is a 3rd party app you cannot download directly from the play store. The truth is that vShare is a banned app for both the play store and the Apple store.

You don’t have to worry about the play store protect feature when you want to download the app market.

Without much stress, we’ll take a look at how to fix vShare not working on Android.

vShare not working

vShare not Working

There are various approaches to fix the vShare error on Android. However,  depending on your choice, you just need to follow the method that best work for you.

1. Clear vShare market app caches

This is the fastest approach I often take to fix the app when it stopped working without internal error such as poor network coverage, Android update affecting 3rd party apps, etc.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on apps or apps manager
  • Click on the menu option to the top-right and select all apps
  • Now, tap on vShare
  • Tap on the storage icon
  • Click on clear caches

This approach will clear all microprograms stored in your vShare database and it’ll definitely reset the app to work again.

2. Update vShare

Sometimes, the solution to most apps problems is due to the old version. If you are still using the vShare old version the app might not be working fine.

So, what you need to do now to download vShare latest version and install it on your phone. 

You can also update the older version directly by click on the more option and scroll down to about app. Click on the about and click on update.

The latest version will be downloaded and all error affecting it will be cleared.

Note: If you have a pre-settings that are not the default, downloading and re-installing the app market will delete the entire settings and set the default settings.

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