Download vShare Helper for Windows/Mac/Linux

vShare helper

vShare helper is an executable file for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS users to install vShare. vShare is an app store for both smartphones and PC users to download apps, both paid and free apps without paying a dime.

vShare helper provides easy access to access paid and free programs on Windows, Mac, and Linux for free. It grants unlimited access to premium software without paying.

However, the vShare helper pro has more features compare to free vShare with restriction to request for games, software, and other utilities not available when you use the search box to search for a program on the platform.

vShare Helper Features for Linux, Windows, & Mac

vShare helper has so many features. You get to know the software better when you spend time using it on your PC. However, over time, I have discovered the following features.

  1. Compatible with all Windows, Mac, and Linux version
  2. It doesn’t affect the performance of your PC. With a mere 512MB RAM you are good to use vShare on your PC
  3. All paid programs are available for free
  4. You can request for a program not available when you upgrade to vShare pro version
  5. vShare helper is never for sale.
  6. It’s completely free
  7. No registration is required
  8. It requires administrative right to install on Windows, Mac, and Linux computer.

Download vShare Helper

Here are the procedures to download vShare helper for Windows or Mac or Linux.

1. Open your computer browser and go to the vShare helper page here

2. Select your “OS” from the drop menu

vShare helper

3. You will be told whether it’s compatible with your device or not. Once it’s compatible, kindly proceed to the next step.

vShare helper

4. Click on the download option to start downloading the helper to your computer download folder.

5. Click on vShare_helper_exe on your download folder and follow the screen instruction to install the software downloader on your PC.

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