Download vShare for PC “Windows 7/8/10.1”

vShare for PC

vShare is an app store to download apps for Android, iOS, and PC for free and without registration. vShare for PC doesn’t require no user details and users are not compelled to create an account.

However, if you love vShare for PC, you can simply upgrade to vShare pro to request for apps or games that are not available on the platform.

Should you want to download vShare for PC. There are two ways to download it without any itch.

The first approach is to download vShare for PC via emulator and the second approach is to download vShare program for Windows.

An emulator is a program to create an enabling environment for another program designed for another operating system. To run Android apps on Windows, an emulator is required.

This, however, means to download vShare for PC you should first download an emulator and install vShare APK on your Windows PC via it.

vShare for PC

Features of vShare for PC

Some of the benefits of vShare on Windows computer running Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 10.1 include the following.

  1. Download paid software for Windows for free
  2. Free access to all in-purchase programs
  3. No user information is required
  4. Free for life
  5. vShare free and vShare pro for lifetime
  6. No limitation to the total number of programs you can download per day
  7. Request for apps or games not available if you upgraded to vShare pro

Download vShare for PC

vShare PC program is called vShare helper. The vShare helper is a program to download and install PC software for free. However, the vShare helper for PC weighs 85MB.


The vShare helper above is the verified and original program for Windows OS. Download the vShare helper above and click on the software from your download folder and follow the screen instruction to install the app on your PC.

After that, launch the app and start exploring it to search and download programs on your PC.

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